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I won't say, I should be happy, but at least I should feel better.
But all I can see are dark clouds, and this has nothing to do with the weather.

The barn is stacked with fresh hay, I found the perfect one for Aurora.
Stella and Precious are doing fine and so does my Angel. Even though he would love to be on the other side of the fence, with the girls.
Charly is doing well, no seizure in the past weeks, even Lovely started to eat again and there is hope, she will stay with us for a longer time. She is 15 years old, a good age for a cat, but I hope, she can enjoy some more years.
No sick animal, no real problems around.

My sons are working every day and are trying to help me, where ever they can.
I don't have anything to complain about ... but these damned black clouds.
Trapped into my own worries, don't know, what to do, don't see any direction I could take.

It would be great to have someone who can help me, working with Precious, but without the needed money? Useless to even think about.
If you don't open your wallet there is no help at all.

And knowing, someone is talking behind your back, telling shit stories, isn't helping either!
Well, at least I know who it is and honestly, I wish, from the bottom of my heart, that her bad talk will fall back on her.

So why do I have to go through this hard times? Am I not old enough to get a break from it?
I've helped people again and again and for sure, I won't stop helping, as long as I have the possibility to do it.

Hello Universe, isn't it in time to help me a bit?
Isn't it in time, to send me a little bit sunshine?

All these worries, the betrayal, for what?
Show me the direction I need to take, please!


Today was a wonderful day :-)

Aurora got visitors, the young woman and her friend, to see, if any allergic reaction would happen.
It was so wonderful to see, that nothing, absolutely nothing happened at all.
And this young woman tried, she really did. She rubbed her arms against Aurora, was close to her, touching her again and again.

She put the halter on Aurora, led her a bit around and I was happy.

Maybe the last photo I took from Aurora today


The farrier was here :-)

And of course it was raining, my Angel decided to stand at the end of the meadow, not willing to come on his own.
So I had to go and get him and as usual, he was kind as can be.
Next Precious and just to get her into the barn wasn't that easy. Aurora close to her, that annoyed Precious a lot.
Finally Precious and Stella were in the barn and Precious was nervous like hell.

BUT :-) the farrier and his wife were amazing, and he managed to cut some off the hooves.
And he told me, what I can do to calm Precious down for the next time.
I can't tell, how thankful I am.

After she was done, I opened the barn and Aurora came in, Precious clicked and get so aggressive against Aurora.
She kicked her and made it very clear, that she don't wanna have her around :-(

I so hope, that the young woman won't react on her and that Aurora will get a new home, so she can have a good life without an angry mom.
Ok, I know it's natural, that Precious won't let her come close to her, but still, I feel so sorry for Aurora.


Just to make it clear, I believe in justice!
And I don't have to do a thing, not to say a word, cause there is justice from high above.

Doing something bad, covering it up with "best intentions" don't make a bad thing good.
Real help looks different, something many people still don't see.

I've lost so much, believe me, more than I thought I'm able to bear.
But it didn't broke me down, I survived, it maybe made me stronger than I've ever been. The future will show it, I don't worry.

So, to everyone, special to YOU, just stop it with some covering up story.
Your intention wasn't to help anyone, not me, not my horses.

As I said, I believe in justice and no one can take this away from me.
There is a law, bigger than any law on this earth. No court has ever spoken any strong like that.
This law will never fail, never!


Some days ago I was cleaning a bit at the porch on the back of my house.
And all in a sudden a lot of bumblebees were around me. I accidentally destroyed their nest, I hadn't seen it under the stairs.

So I got a little cardboard box, put the nest into it and placed a basket and a lid from a cat litter over it.
They accepted my work and took over :-)

You must be kidding me

Got some visitors today, unexpected visitors!
Visitors, many people are afraid of, cause they always only come for a control.

Someone called them (or sent a message) that my horses are malnourished and in a very bad shape.
Well, they couldn't find any malnourished horse in a bad shape.
To the contrary, they were smiling, walking around with me, while I showed them everything and of course the horses.
And I got it on the papers, that my horses are fine!

Now, I have my suspicion who sent them to me, anonymous of course, people who do something like this are always anonymous.
And because I can bet, YOU are reading here as well, LEAVE ME ALONE!

With this said I did, what the nice women told me NOT to do, to tell anyone, that they were here.
For my own best and I understood.
But I'm not afraid of anyone!
Be aware! You should know:
Karma is a bitch
and sooner or later you will get the bill, cause Karma is a fair bitch!


It always comes differently than you thought!

And I got the proof today again.
Since my Love passed away I tried to find someone for Precious.

And I thought I found her, a young woman, enthusiastic about horses as can be :-)
We agreed on the price, for Precious and Aurora and she wanted to come next Wednesday, to see, if she will have any allergic reactions.

Sad enough that I had to say no to her for a room to rent.
She and her friend are in need of a place URGENT!

But with all what's going on here, also the seizures from Charly and the knowledge, that stress can cause a new seizure and kill him, I had no choice.
What if we have to sell soon? She and her friend would sit on the streets. Not fair to both of them.

And today I had to tell her, that she can't have Precious.
Aurora of course and I cross my fingers, that this young woman won't have any allergic reaction at all.

Long story, but not really short, only the reason, why I can't sell I can tell with a photo

May I introduce you to
Eponas Princess Stella
Born 01.08.2020

Really? I mean REALLY?

Sometimes I wonder, if people really think I'm stupid.
Got a mail, a man asking for my horse to buy.
Well, so far nothing unusual, but ...
He's from Spain or Portugal, that's what his name is trying to tell me. And I don't have any connections to those countries, or better to say, don't have it anymore.
Second, if he got my mail from a friend, he would have written it.
Third, I doubt, that he's living in Norway, I doubt it very much!

What ever kind of scam this is, what do those people think?
Or do they think at all?

My last two horses are promised to a young woman and only if she decides not to buy, because of what ever reasons or an allergic reaction (and I really wish for her, that she don't react) I still have one woman waiting for an answer, cause she wanna buy a Curly as well.

Spain or Portugal pffftt come up with something better, that isn't so easy to figure!
Do you still underestimate my intelligence?


Lazy and not really something to write about.

Too much rain and too much work I can't do because of this.
But, and this is a happy but :-)
I found a farrier, finally, after I don't know how many calls and messages I've sent out.
Now I only need a vet to come here, so I can get a check on my horses, just in case. I know that they are healthy, but it's always good to have it on the papers as well.

Only 2 hatchlings so far, but the breeding machine is filled up again.
One man is waiting for some Brahma and I hope that I can call him soon with some good news.

Oh, and we worry about our cat Lovely, she is 15 now and she gets more and more skinny :-(
Special wet food, but all she wants is the jelly.
So we need a lot of crossed fingers, that she will stay hopefully longer with us!


Nothing important happened in the past 2 weeks.
I've lost some hatchlings, for sure some were taken by the seagulls or other hunters.
And many more are there, waiting to be sold.

Two days ago my son called and asked, if he can come with 4 men, they needed a place to sleep before they drive back home.
Of course I said yes and so I rushed into his old room to clean it up and put two beds into the room.
The other room was ready, just a second bed to be placed and I only wished, I had better beds to offer for a night.

They came yesterday evening and we had a short, but very nice time.
What this meant to me, not one of them could imagine **smile**
Not only that it was so nice to have some guests to talk with, but they were from Itlay.
I've been there twice (I don't count the first trip through Italy) and my thoughts are going around and around since 2018 to maybe move to Italy.

Thinking back the years, when I was 19, working in a restaurant, driven by a German man and his Italian wife.
People thought, that I was from Italy as well, funny, cause I had fire red hair at that time and couldn't say a single Italian word.
But I was able to sing every single song that was played in the restaurant :-) So the rumor was going around, that I was of course from Italy, just didn't wanted to say lol

Now, was this a little hint from the Universe? Sending me 4 men into my house, who could have been from any country, but Italy.
I really have to learn a bit more, preparing myself for maybe really moving to Italy.
I know, I have to wait some years, it's not the time yet!
But who knows, everything is possible and I'm open for a new experience :-)

Arthur and his girls

Beside all my animals I also have 2 fish tanks, one with 600 liters and a smaller one about 200 liter or so.
This small one is the home for my Betta splendens, better know as fighting fish.
They only have the half tank right now, but I hope, that they can use the whole tank soon.

I bought him last year and some weeks later (the same year) 3 girls.
Of course I like to search the internet about some information about this fish and most of the time it drives me crazy!
>>These fishes are very aggressive, they have to be alone, the tank must be small, not more than 30 liters<< and so on and so on.

sarcasm on Yes of course, cause in the nature they are all living all alone, keeping a distance, far away from each other or they will fight to death. sarcasm off
That these fishes also need a social life seems unbelievable for 99% of all, who own a Betta.
Yes, the male can be aggressive, of course, special when it's protecting the eggs and later the babies.
And a female is able to eat them all up, that's why a male Betta will fight against the female, if she's coming too close.

But otherwise they are social!
In the beginning I had Endler Guppies and 2 Ancistrus with in the tank, but they were a bit too active and that was too much stress for Arthur.
Now they are all in the big tank and everything is fine :-)

And the horses?

It's in time to write a bit about the horses :-)

But before I'm doing this, I have an advice (if in need).
Years ago, when we bought this farm, the horse boxes were a disaster!

Old planks, and you won't even imagine, how many spikes were in the walls, long ones, so a horse could easily injure itself.
It took hours to get them all out.
Talking with my Love he said, I shall call a company and order new boxes.
He just loved the brown ones with the green metal and so we got them.
If you have a barn with an air conditioning system and a whole crew to clean this damned material every day ... well, go for it.
But if not, it will kill you!

Today was the day I emptied the whole box, I'm doing it at least every second week, so the horses don't have too much dust around.
Beside the daily mucking out of course.

Precious and her daughter Aurora came in at once after I opened the door again :-)

As hard as it sounds, but I have to sell them both :-(
Without my Love I don't have any other choice :-(

7 chicken less on the farm

I took a hard decision but in the end, it was the only thing to do.
Today I sold my 7 Brahma hens and only the 2 Brahma roosters are left and I hope, I'll find some buyers for them as well.
So many hens, so many roosters, it was too much.

I will keep the small hens and roosters and will separate them by breed.
That will also minimize all the new coming chicken.
I have sold a lot in the last weeks, still some left to sell and still some eggs in the breeding machine to hatch.

Not really sure about it now, but maybe I'm going to sell all roosters next year.
Just keeping the hens for some breakfast eggs or eggs to sell. But this decision can wait, no hurry with it :-)

This way I will save for sure a lot of money and it also means less work for me to do.
Still trying to find some buyers for my mares, I don't care about the money I could get, but a good place for them.
So if the right person will show up I'm open for a discussion about the price.

Why all this spam?

Almost every day I have to delete a comment and every time it's spam.
Maybe those are just generated from spam-bots, maybe there are real persons behind this stupid behavior.
So to all real persons, to the extreme stupid ones!
Just let it be, I will delete every spam you're posting!