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Here I am


here you can see my beautiful stallion, my Angel
He was the reason, why I started a homepage about Curly horses.
Now, a lot has changed and I will write down this history.
The reason, why I deleted the whole page for this blog.

It's a history about love and lost, about good and bad people and all what happened to this day, I started this blog.
Of course I also will tell about all new things, time after time.


Heute Nachmittag wurde mein Engel abgeholt, nach knapp 8 Jahren zusammen fuehlte ich mich wie die schlimmste Verraeterin aller Zeiten.
Dabei weiss ich, dass er ein wunderbares neues Zuhause bekommen wird und ich bin fuer ihn darueber gluecklich.
Ich ging noch einmal in der Trailer, gab ihm noch eines seiner geliebten Lakritz-Leckerein, gab ihm einen Kuss auf die Nuestern und konnte die Traenen nicht mehr zurueck halten.

Ich wollte nichts wie weg, ins Haus, doch statt dessen wurde ich in die Arme genommen, lieb gemeint, doch ich musste alleine sein.

Allerdings werde ich erst dann erleichtert sein, wenn er in seinem neuen Zuhause angekommen ist.
Mein Misstrauen, was eine gewisse Person angeht ist gewaltig.
Die Hilfe ist nicht uneigennuetzig, da bin ich mir sicher.

Wichtig ist jetzt aber nur, dass mein Engel bald in seinem neuen Zuhause ist, zusammen mit anderen Pferden, an einem Platz der einfach wunderschoen aussieht.

Wenn sich die Spreu vom Weizen trennt

Die letzten Wochen und Monate sprachen eine klare Sprache und haben mir so einiges bewusst gemacht.
Nun denn, es ist wie es ist und ich gedenke nicht, eine Aenderung herbei zwingen zu wollen.
Nur soviel:
Ich bin kein Spielzeug, kein Gebrauchsgegenstand, den man hervor holt, wenn man ihn braucht und ansonsten unbeachtet in der Ecke liegen laesst!

Inwischen ist es schon Mitte April, die Zeit ist mal wieder so verflogen und somit auch der Winter :-)
Zwar kann man hier und da noch etwas Schnee liegen sehen, doch wir haben mit jeder Menge Sonne auch seit Tagen einen heftigen Wind.
Nord-Nord-West und Nord-Nord-Ost, eisig, beissend kalt, doch er trocknet alles weg, was nicht mehr notwendig ist.

Wir haben Plaene gemacht und uns ein paar Ziele gesteckt und es sieht verdammt gut aus :-)
Noch wissen wir nicht genau, wohin es uns ziehen wird, es stehen ein paar Laender zur Auswahl.
Doch uns draengt niemand, Zielsetzung sind 2 Jahre, bis wir hier alles fertig haben oder der andere Plan sich schneller erfuellt.
Dann koennte es noch dieses Jahr los gehen :-)
Ich bin gespannt und sehe dem ganzen sehr hoffnungsvoll entgegen!


Es ist sehr kalt und meine Pferde haben ihre volle Lockenpracht entwickelt.
Sie sehen einfach zum Knuddeln schoen aus ♥


I could laugh so loud, if it wouldn't be so sad!

Just a simple question and I didn't got an answer.
If I have to ask for permission to demonstrate, what has that to do with democracy?

Well, my answer is: NOTHING!

Instead I got a lot of nonsense to hear, ask again and again, until I got an answer, very subdued: I think nothing.

Was it so hard? Really?
And then it came: But we are still living in a democracy ...
I didn't knew if I shall laugh or cry.
Next was, if people don't like it here, they can go to Hungary or Poland or Russia, there is a dictatorship.
I give up ...

How to accept?

It's pretty hard to accept, that those seems not to care about, I care about the most.
When there is nothing left for me, but to shut up.

Well, family isn't always what it looks like.

I have to accept it, a bitter pill to swallow, I only wish, it would be easier!

Worldwide stupidity

I wish, someone could explain, why so many humans are so obedient.
The government says something and most are following without ever doubting a thing.

I said today: We asked so many times, how all could happen under H. and the second world war.
Well, look around, how obedient the people are now, because of a virus, no one ever has seen, a virus with a missing proof!
The people keep distance, in many countries they are wearing masks, with a high healthy risk.
Children are suffering and dying, but still no scream and everyone is following, what the corrupt government is telling them.
Everything gets down, so much is destroyed and what are the people doing?
Some go for a demonstration lol so what, do they think, this would change anything?

I don't see any hope for the humans anymore :-(


I said, I will come back and tell more about my new home.

Well, it seems, that I found a good place, but there is one thing, I'm not so happy about.
I mean dogs, can you imagine?
Ok, I wanna be fair, the old one is nice, kind and so careful. But the younger one, she is fast like a canon ball and always in a hurry. Good thing is, she is more afraid of me, than I ever could be about her.

And there are other cats, one came to say hello to me, her name is Silver. She said, she don't like to stay in closed rooms and told me about Ayla, that she will never come in, even not to say hello.
After she told me about her children, who are also not around, but walking around in the woods and on the fields, she left.

My human is searching for one more cat, a young one, my age, so I have someone to play with :-)

Here is so much to play with, but my human isn't always happy about it.
Today I played with one of the plants, so much fun, but when my human came back and she saw what I did, she only said disappointed: Amber, really?
And then she brought in this monster, it's loud and it's always so hungry. It ate all the dirt I placed on the sofa and the floor.
Such a shame, it was o much work for me to place it there and now it's gone :-(

My point of view

Hello :-)

I'm Amber, the new member of this family.
Yesterday was a very exciting day and also scary somehow.
First I was put in a box and before I even knew, I was alone, my mother and siblings didn't come with.
A lot of other smells and noises, and all in a sudden someone took me out from the box, only to put me in another one.
And then the human took me with into a bigger box and that was so loud. Not only that, it started to move and I was so scared.
My meow made the human opening the box and she took me out and into her arms. There was another human beside her, holding his hands on something round and only looking outside the huge glass in front of me.
It took so long time in this huge box but then the noise stopped and the box as well. And again I was placed in the small box.
Not happy, I'm telling you, I was not happy.
And so many new smells, better ones this time, I smelled animals and grass and a lot I don't know, but it smelled oh so good.

I couldn't see a lot, but the humans opened a door and we were in a house, at least one thing I know.
My box was opened again and I was allowed to come out.
A room with these soft things humans like to sit on and so much more, toys for me alone to play with and the thing I was able to climb up.
Food for me alone and a litter, not used by any other cat.
Now, I liked that a lot and after a while I found myself a place to lay down and sleep.

But so much was waiting for me to happen and I will tell about it another time.


Today was a wonderful day :-)

Aurora got visitors, the young woman and her friend, to see, if any allergic reaction would happen.
It was so wonderful to see, that nothing, absolutely nothing happened at all.
And this young woman tried, she really did. She rubbed her arms against Aurora, was close to her, touching her again and again.

She put the halter on Aurora, led her a bit around and I was happy.

Maybe the last photo I took from Aurora today


The farrier was here :-)

And of course it was raining, my Angel decided to stand at the end of the meadow, not willing to come on his own.
So I had to go and get him and as usual, he was kind as can be.
Next Precious and just to get her into the barn wasn't that easy. Aurora close to her, that annoyed Precious a lot.
Finally Precious and Stella were in the barn and Precious was nervous like hell.

BUT :-) the farrier and his wife were amazing, and he managed to cut some off the hooves.
And he told me, what I can do to calm Precious down for the next time.
I can't tell, how thankful I am.

After she was done, I opened the barn and Aurora came in, Precious clicked and get so aggressive against Aurora.
She kicked her and made it very clear, that she don't wanna have her around :-(

I so hope, that the young woman won't react on her and that Aurora will get a new home, so she can have a good life without an angry mom.
Ok, I know it's natural, that Precious won't let her come close to her, but still, I feel so sorry for Aurora.

You must be kidding me

Got some visitors today, unexpected visitors!
Visitors, many people are afraid of, cause they always only come for a control.

Someone called them (or sent a message) that my horses are malnourished and in a very bad shape.
Well, they couldn't find any malnourished horse in a bad shape.
To the contrary, they were smiling, walking around with me, while I showed them everything and of course the horses.
And I got it on the papers, that my horses are fine!

Now, I have my suspicion who sent them to me, anonymous of course, people who do something like this are always anonymous.
And because I can bet, YOU are reading here as well, LEAVE ME ALONE!

With this said I did, what the nice women told me NOT to do, to tell anyone, that they were here.
For my own best and I understood.
But I'm not afraid of anyone!
Be aware! You should know:
Karma is a bitch
and sooner or later you will get the bill, cause Karma is a fair bitch!


It always comes differently than you thought!

And I got the proof today again.
Since my Love passed away I tried to find someone for Precious.

And I thought I found her, a young woman, enthusiastic about horses as can be :-)
We agreed on the price, for Precious and Aurora and she wanted to come next Wednesday, to see, if she will have any allergic reactions.

Sad enough that I had to say no to her for a room to rent.
She and her friend are in need of a place URGENT!

But with all what's going on here, also the seizures from Charly and the knowledge, that stress can cause a new seizure and kill him, I had no choice.
What if we have to sell soon? She and her friend would sit on the streets. Not fair to both of them.

And today I had to tell her, that she can't have Precious.
Aurora of course and I cross my fingers, that this young woman won't have any allergic reaction at all.

Long story, but not really short, only the reason, why I can't sell I can tell with a photo

May I introduce you to
Eponas Princess Stella
Born 01.08.2020