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The curly horse history - part 3

Well, this isn't about history, so I should use another category, but then again, I would end up with a lot of categories, all with just 2 or 3 posts.

This is, what I can tell about the curly horse :-)

The curly horse, as the name is telling you, has curled fur.
Many of them only in the winter time, only the tail and the mane are curled and they have this curled hair in their ears all year long.
For me it's like you see a huge living teddy bear ;-)
They are hypoallergenic, that means, people who are suffering from an allergy have the possibility to be around them.
Some still can have an allergic reaction, but not as strong as to "usual" horses.
Sadly, there is a huge BUT!
Once a nice young lady was here to visit and be around my horses, to find out, if there will be an allergic reaction or not.
We couldn't understand, why she reacted so much, that she had to leave the farm. It was so sad and bitter, cause I had the huge hope, that she will have the possibility, to be with the horses.
What no one of us knew back then, that a foal can cause an allergic reaction anyway.
I was told about it later, when it was too late :-(
And I had a foal on the meadow and the young lady loved to be around it.
If I had known, I would never had the young woman coming close to it!

So if you ever wanna look out for a curly horse, be aware, that a foal can cause a reaction!


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