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Another card in the mailbox and a mail to my mom

End of March I got another card, kind of a "Thank you card" to all, who had sent wishes and condolences to the mother of my Love.
Well, I know, that I never sent anything to her, why should I?
They ignored me, they silenced me out, they did, as if I don't exist at all.
I put it beside and had only one wish on my mind:
Leave me alone!

But no, it seems, this lawyer don't wanna give up, cause my mom got a email on the 05.05.2020
Well, she got the mail, but it was written to me
Dear Mrs. ...,

Thanks for sending a photo from the house.

In the meantime we have found the different payments for the purchase prices.

As a matter of form, so I can orient the heirs, I'd be obliged, if you would send me a copy of the contract, in which the house was assigned in your name, so everything is clear.

Kind regards

I know, I haven't sent a photo and I don't know, who could have, there is no one!
And what different payments?
Also this insinuation, that the house wasn't bought by me, but was assigned later in my name?

And again I ignored it, in fact, I never got the mail, he sent it to my mom.
There are so many open questions, so many things, that don't make any sense at all.

Now I've reached the end of the memory lane.
Many times it was hard to write it all down, dealing with all this again, going through a lot of emotions.
Maybe I will find the answer to all one day, what happened and hopefully can make my peace with it.
I still have to deal with my doubts, the loss, the anger and the grief.
Sometimes I find myself sitting and crying, a smell, a photo or one of all these wonderful notes my Love wrote for me can be the reason.
And every time my sons are here for me, catching my fall, before I go down into the deep black.
I'm so grateful for my wonderful sons and proud as a mother can be.

End of the memory lane.
Thanks for staying with me :-)


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