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My desperation and my wonderful sons

I couldn't sleep anymore, overwhelmed by all my worries. I just couldn't see, how we can keep the farm without the help of my Love.
And I wanted to sell all and everything, as fast as possible, before the bills would break us.
But my sons thought different and told me again and again, that we will be able to keep the farm.
Anyway, I had to sell the horses and more, and even more problems came up.
One of the foals seemed to be sick, but to get a vet here without the money to pay him, how should I do that?
I can't tell, how many tears I cried, cause I felt so helpless.
A friend of mine told someone about all this and I got a mail from C., she would take the foal with for free and take care of him, paying the vet and giving it a good home.
I agreed and the first foal left the farm.
And I was trying to sell another horse, but it seemed, no one was interested. I got some offers for the mare, but those were ridiculous and I said Thanks No.
Another mail came in, asking if I have another horse, an older one I would sell.
Well, there was the one, but I hadn't planed to sell her at all, old as she is, I felt it just wasn't right.
But in the end I gave in, sold her to a nice woman for a little money, only to give half of the money back, because they said, there was so much wrong with her.
Meanwhile this mare gave birth to a foal and I hope, all and everyone is happy.

My sons were working hard to get some money in, but still there were too many bills to pay. All those bills my Love used to pay.
I sold my car and finally we were able to pay all bills and were able to breath a little bit easier.
Still I wanted to sell the farm, I thought it would be the best thing to do.
My sons said NO!


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