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It was in time to do something in the house.
And I'm almost done with 3 rooms. One with new wall papers, that was the worst.
But somehow I have the feeling it's in need to get my own little part in this house, just in case, another woman could move in :-)

I haven't met her yet, but my oldest son seems to get serious :-)
Oh how I wish, she will be the right one this time and not only after money and the farm.
Not like this other bitch (sorry, but there isn't any other word for her), cause she only saw the farm and money.

Well, and if he is lucky this time and she would move in here, I really have to go out of their way.
Doesn't matter if we go along very well, they will need their own space, their own place, without me all the time.
I have my rooms and the kitchen and bath and maybe, don't know how yet, there will be a possibility to build some stairs outside, so they really have the rest of the house for them selves :-)

I'm open for surprises and hoping for the best :-)


When you go into the chicken house and know immediately that something is wrong yak
The smell was so awful and I had to shoo the hen from her nest. One of the eggs wasn't only rotten, it was exploded.
Really, you don't even wanna imagine that smell.

I cleaned out all and everything and took away every hiding place a hen would use to lay her eggs.
It really makes me wonder, why this one hen was so eager to stay on the eggs, she must have known, that they are dead.

Well, time to prepare the room for the winter, soon October and who knows, how the weather will be.


Yesterday we got a new family member :-)

Amber, a mix between a norwegian and a sibirian forest cat, born on the 20th of June.

Wonderful thing is, that Silver came back yesterday late evening, so Amber will have someone to play with :-)
I wonder, how Ayla will react and hope, she will welcome Amber here.

Time to build a cat garden, so Amber can go out and be safe in the same time.

I couldn't care less

That's the message I read when I don't get any response at all.
>>I couldn't care less.<<

And I can't even tell, how much it hurts!

It's so sad and I don't understand, even more, I don't want do understand.

What's the excuse?
No time?
Too much stress?
Forgot about it?

Well, it would had taken 2 minutes to send a short message, just 2 minutes.
2 ridiculous minutes!

I couldn't care less!

A very sad day

Our beloved cat Lovely went over the rainbow bridge.
I was with her all the time, not able to leave her alone.
We buried her beside the trees, close to a rose, where she can rest in peace.

For ever in our hearts ♥

She followed her given name all her life, Belief in Life, and she used all 7 life a cat is given.