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Really? I mean REALLY?

Sometimes I wonder, if people really think I'm stupid.
Got a mail, a man asking for my horse to buy.
Well, so far nothing unusual, but ...
He's from Spain or Portugal, that's what his name is trying to tell me. And I don't have any connections to those countries, or better to say, don't have it anymore.
Second, if he got my mail from a friend, he would have written it.
Third, I doubt, that he's living in Norway, I doubt it very much!

What ever kind of scam this is, what do those people think?
Or do they think at all?

My last two horses are promised to a young woman and only if she decides not to buy, because of what ever reasons or an allergic reaction (and I really wish for her, that she don't react) I still have one woman waiting for an answer, cause she wanna buy a Curly as well.

Spain or Portugal pffftt come up with something better, that isn't so easy to figure!
Do you still underestimate my intelligence?


Lazy and not really something to write about.

Too much rain and too much work I can't do because of this.
But, and this is a happy but :-)
I found a farrier, finally, after I don't know how many calls and messages I've sent out.
Now I only need a vet to come here, so I can get a check on my horses, just in case. I know that they are healthy, but it's always good to have it on the papers as well.

Only 2 hatchlings so far, but the breeding machine is filled up again.
One man is waiting for some Brahma and I hope that I can call him soon with some good news.

Oh, and we worry about our cat Lovely, she is 15 now and she gets more and more skinny :-(
Special wet food, but all she wants is the jelly.
So we need a lot of crossed fingers, that she will stay hopefully longer with us!


Nothing important happened in the past 2 weeks.
I've lost some hatchlings, for sure some were taken by the seagulls or other hunters.
And many more are there, waiting to be sold.

Two days ago my son called and asked, if he can come with 4 men, they needed a place to sleep before they drive back home.
Of course I said yes and so I rushed into his old room to clean it up and put two beds into the room.
The other room was ready, just a second bed to be placed and I only wished, I had better beds to offer for a night.

They came yesterday evening and we had a short, but very nice time.
What this meant to me, not one of them could imagine **smile**
Not only that it was so nice to have some guests to talk with, but they were from Itlay.
I've been there twice (I don't count the first trip through Italy) and my thoughts are going around and around since 2018 to maybe move to Italy.

Thinking back the years, when I was 19, working in a restaurant, driven by a German man and his Italian wife.
People thought, that I was from Italy as well, funny, cause I had fire red hair at that time and couldn't say a single Italian word.
But I was able to sing every single song that was played in the restaurant :-) So the rumor was going around, that I was of course from Italy, just didn't wanted to say lol

Now, was this a little hint from the Universe? Sending me 4 men into my house, who could have been from any country, but Italy.
I really have to learn a bit more, preparing myself for maybe really moving to Italy.
I know, I have to wait some years, it's not the time yet!
But who knows, everything is possible and I'm open for a new experience :-)