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And the horses?

It's in time to write a bit about the horses :-)

But before I'm doing this, I have an advice (if in need).
Years ago, when we bought this farm, the horse boxes were a disaster!

Old planks, and you won't even imagine, how many spikes were in the walls, long ones, so a horse could easily injure itself.
It took hours to get them all out.
Talking with my Love he said, I shall call a company and order new boxes.
He just loved the brown ones with the green metal and so we got them.
If you have a barn with an air conditioning system and a whole crew to clean this damned material every day ... well, go for it.
But if not, it will kill you!

Today was the day I emptied the whole box, I'm doing it at least every second week, so the horses don't have too much dust around.
Beside the daily mucking out of course.

Precious and her daughter Aurora came in at once after I opened the door again :-)

As hard as it sounds, but I have to sell them both :-(
Without my Love I don't have any other choice :-(

The pedigree

I never had a huge interest for the pedigree of my wonderful stallion.
Papers aren't important for me, important is the animal itself, doesn't matter if a horse, a cat, a dog or what ever.
No long pedigree would make me love an animal more, it's just a paper, nothing more!
Important for others, who are willing to pay any price, as long as the pedigree is long enough with a lot of famous names.

Or for breeders, who wanna do it professional, I totally understand, cause again, people wouldn't buy a horse without a pedigree.
And yes, it's important, so one can be sure that there won't be any inbreed, that would be a nightmare!

Well, today I took a look and WOW it seems, that my wonderful Angel has his roots back to the Damele's.

Now I can understand, why he is the father to almost every foal born in Norway.
Ok, maybe not almost all, but for sure to many, many of them.

Rekarnes Asori

It's in time to write something about my wonderful horse, my Angel.
His name on the papers is Rekarnes Asori, but this is just an information, if you wanna know.

Remember, my Love bought a horse, a curly horse, it was a nice gelding with the name Kentucky Dream.
He was a beauty and a very nice guy, but there was no connection between him and me.
With him I had the worst experience ever, but this is another story, not to tell now.

He was alone and I was asked, if Asori can come to my place, as company for Kentucky.
I said yes and the day he came, I fell in love. Immediately!
And there was this connection, from the very first moment ♥

It took a while til I could call him MY horse, and even though I can't ride him, he's the best what ever happened to me, when it comes to horses.

I will write more about him, also posting photos from him, telling about another love, that is older than you can imagine.