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That's it! Is it?

If you thought, that the story ends here, you couldn't be more wrong!

After some days I called the lawyer again, I needed some answers, but he only told me, I have to send him a real letter with the post, he wouldn't answer on the phone or via email.
And then he asked me, if I know, that my Love wanna buy a house in Norway.
Pay attention! He asked not in the past tense!
And he asked, if I know, that my Love owes a boat.
Again NOT past tense, but present!
But he told me, that my Love passed away and his mother and his NEW! girl friend were with him.
Why the "new"?
No one would ever say something like that, not in a situation like this, but the lawyer did.

Because he denied to tell me anything I wrote a letter, but ... NO answer at all.
So I started to search for our old friends we had in common and asked, if anyone had heard anything.
And I was told, that something went wrong at the dentist under an anesthesia and that they brought him from Germany to a hospital in Switzerland, where he passed away.

There is a page, where you can look up every one who passed away in Switzerland.
To this day the name of my Love isn't there!

If you think, all this is weird, just wait, more will follow and some evil is playing with.


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