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Riga and a confusing phone call

It was August 2014, I was burned out, all the work on the farm had been too much and I needed a break.

Talking with my best friend, we decided to take a vacation somewhere nice, no one of us has been before.
We booked a nice Hotel in Riga, only a week, nothing special, just to get away for a while.
Only some days before we had to take the flight, my Love called, telling me, that he wanna come to visit me.
It was hard for me to tell him, that I wouldn't be here at all and asked if it would be possible for him, to wait until I'm back from Riga.
No problem at all for him and I was happy.

Riga was wonderful, even though the weather was almost every day against us.
But we enjoyed our time there anyway :-)
Only one day before we had to go back home, my phone rang in the early morning time, around 4 o'clock.
Who else than my Love, for him there wasn't any time limit to not to call.
Totally relieved he said: Oh so good to hear your voice! Is everything ok with you?
And after I answered he suddenly recognized that he woke me up, said sorry and hang up.
A bit puzzled I turned around, trying to sleep again.
Only minutes later the phone rang again and it was more than confusing to hear him saying exactly the same again.
And again he hang up, feeling sorry, that he woke me up.
I never found out what was going on with him, asking him weeks later he even couldn't remember that he had called me.

Weeks and months past buy, he called me many times, mostly in the middle of the night, like he always used to do.
But not a single word about visiting me in Norway.


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