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A lot of travels and even more phone calls

Since I had to travel to Germany every now and then to a dental clinic, I was pretty busy without a lot of time to think about my Love.
And he started to call me, more and more often and again I was puzzled, didn't know, what to think about it.
He wanted to meet me in Hamburg, but every time I was there, something important came in between so he couldn't come.
Long phone calls, telling me, how sorry he was and that he wasn't able to stand by my side, when I had to go to the clinic.

Honestly? I doubted every single word he said.
Telling me that he wanted to meet me, nothing but empty words.

Once my oldest son came with and we had a stop in Denmark, to take another flight.
We were walking up and down at the airport, when I was suddenly paying attention to the music.
All were break-up songs and I said to my son, that my Love (he still was, even though he broke up with me) wouldn't come to Hamburg.
My son was a bit confused, he couldn't understand, why I was so sure about it, but I only said: Listen to the music and you will understand.

When we arrived at the hotel, he wasn't there, but 2 rooms were booked, one for him and me, the other for my son.
Needless to say, that every waiting was useless!

And what about my promise to myself, to never wait again?
Stupid me!


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